Pole dance shoes wholesale and custom plus size platform pole dance ankle sandals shoes

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Custom high heels-Xinzirain shoes factory

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women shoes manufacture

Women shoes custom, we are professional!

women shoes custom is not only the service provided,XinziRain but also print your customized logo you named. High effiency, Best quality, Fast delivery, visual production,trust us and please send us your message or E-mail.




Customized services and solutions.

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    XinziRain focuses on custom women shoes…We provide Wholesale  and customization service. Custom brand logo : low MOQ, welcome to contact for best sellers or custom your products, free sample, fast delivery,to help customers to provide one-stop “Fashion Wearing”. To design and make, pls feel free to send us inquiry/E-mail, leave your msg, add whatsapp number, or call us, you are very welcome!









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  • Custom high heels-Xinzirain shoes factory. Xinzirain is always engaging in women heel shoes design,manufacture, sample making, world wide shipping and sale.

    Customization is the staple of our company. While most footwear companies design shoes primarily in standard colors, we offer various color options. Notably, the entire shoe collection is customizable, with over 50 colors available on the Color Options. Besides color customization, we also offer custom a couple of heel thickness, heel height, custom brand logo and sole platform options.