General Information

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What is LISHANGZI known for?

LISHANGZI is a leading women's shoe manufacturer specializing in one-stop fashion product development for various brands.

What services does LISHANGZI provide?

LISHANGZI offers comprehensive services including shoe design, prototyping, manufacturing, quality control, and timely delivery.

What's the typical product development process at LISHANGZI?

Our process involves initial design consultation, concept creation, prototyping, material selection, manufacturing, quality assurance, and final delivery.

Can LISHANGZI help with designing unique shoe styles?

Absolutely! Our creative team excels in designing unique and fashionable shoe styles tailored to your brand's vision.

How does collaboration with LISHANGZI work?

We collaborate closely with brands to understand their identity and ensure the final product aligns with their branding.

What kind of materials does LISHANGZI use for shoe&bag production?

We use high-quality materials sourced through trusted suppliers to ensure durable and comfortable shoes.

Can we customize shoe designs according to your brand's aesthetics?

Yes, customization is a core feature of our service. We work closely to bring your brand's vision to life.


What's the production capacity of LISHANGZI?

Our production capacity is substantial, allowing us to meet both small and large orders efficiently.

How does LISHANGZI ensure product quality?

We have stringent quality control measures in place at every stage of production to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Does LISHANGZI prioritize sustainable practices in manufacturing?

Yes, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and can incorporate eco-friendly materials upon request.

How does pricing and payment work with LISHANGZI?

Pricing is based on factors like design complexity and order volume. We offer transparent pricing structures and flexible payment options.

How does LISHANGZI handle confidentiality and intellectual property?

We prioritize client confidentiality and can discuss agreements to protect your intellectual property during collaboration.

How can your brand start working with LISHANGZI?

Simply reach out to us through our contact channels, and our team will guide you through the process of starting a collaboration.


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