About the founder

Tina's Story

"As a child, high heels were a distant dream for me. Slipping into my mother's oversized heels, I longed for the day I could wear perfectly fitting high heels, complete with makeup and a beautiful dress. To me, that epitomized growing up. Some say the history of heels is tragic, while others view every wedding as a stage for high heels. I resonate with the latter, seeing each event as a celebration of elegance and style."


"My journey into the fashion industry began with a childhood fascination for high heels. Starting with high heels, my passion quickly expanded. At XINZIRAIN, we now produce a variety of footwear and accessories, including outdoor shoes, men's shoes, children's shoes, and handbags. Each product line reflects our dedication to quality and style. Our handcrafted production preserves traditional craftsmanship, while our mechanized lines ensure efficient, large-scale production. This allows us to meet diverse market needs and maintain the highest quality standards. Our skilled employees are continuously trained, fostering innovation across all product categories. From dreaming about high heels to leading a multifaceted fashion enterprise, my goal has always been to make customers feel confident and beautiful. Our products are designed to exceed expectations, providing elegance and empowerment with every step."

Tina has always had a deep love for shoes, particularly high heels. She believes that while clothes can express elegance or sensuality, shoes must be perfect—both in fit and satisfaction. This represents a silent elegance and a profound sense of self-appreciation, much like Cinderella's glass slipper, which fits only the pure and tranquil soul. In today's world, Tina encourages women to embrace their self-love. She envisions countless women feeling empowered by wearing well-fitting, liberating heels, stepping confidently into their own stories.


Tina began her journey in women’s shoe design by setting up her own R&D team and founding an independent brand in 1998. She focused on creating comfortable, fashionable women's shoes, aiming to break the mold and redefine standards. Her dedication to the industry has brought significant success in Chinese fashion design. Her original designs, combined with unique vision and tailoring skills, have elevated the brand to new heights. From 2016 to 2018, the brand featured on various fashion lists and participated in Fashion Week. In August 2019, it was named the most influential women's shoe brand in Asia.

In a recent interview, Tina, founder of XINZIRAIN, listed her design inspirations: music, parties, interesting experiences, breakups, breakfast, and her sons. For her, shoes are inherently sexy, accentuating the graceful curve of the calves while retaining elegance. Tina believes feet are more important than the face and deserve to wear the finest shoes. Tina's journey began with a passion for designing women’s shoes. In 1998, she established her own R&D team and founded an independent shoe design brand, focusing on creating comfortable, fashionable women's shoes. Her dedication quickly led to success, making her a prominent figure in China's fashion industry. Her original designs and unique vision have elevated her brand to new heights. While her primary passion remains women's footwear, Tina's vision expanded to include men's shoes, children's shoes, outdoor footwear, and handbags. This diversification showcases the brand's versatility without compromising quality and style. From 2016 to 2018, the brand gained significant recognition, featuring in various fashion lists and participating in Fashion Week. In August 2019, XINZIRAIN was honored as the most influential women's shoe brand in Asia. Tina’s journey exemplifies her dedication to making people feel confident and beautiful, offering elegance and empowerment with every step.