Our product development team comprises passionate and skilled experts in design, production and supply chain management, as well as sales.

Each team member brings years of industry experience to the table, ensuring exceptional products and services for you.


Design Director - Li Zhang

Our Design Director, Li Zhang, is a visionary creative leader who seamlessly blends fashion trends with innovative design. Collaborating directly with clients, she delves deep into their needs, transforming unique ideas into creative realities. Li Zhang's team provides cutting-edge design and creative direction, ensuring products align with market demands.

In addition to developing the company, Li Zhang will also participate in the design evaluation of each custom women's shoe to ensure that each design is mature and popular with the market


Product Manager-Ben

Our Product Manager, Ben, boasts extensive experience in the footwear manufacturing industry. Now serving as your Product Manager, he oversees various aspects of the production process. Managing two production lines, Ben ensures the fusion of machine automation and manual craftsmanship, evaluating design feasibility, maintaining product quality, and enhancing production efficiency.


Sales Manager-Beary

Sales Manager Beary not only boasts a wealth of sales experience but also possesses a profound understanding of product development processes and market trends. He offers invaluable design guidance and suggestions, ensuring products closely align with market trends during design and manufacturing. Additionally, through long-term collaboration, Beary fosters close relationships with clients, providing ongoing value to their businesses.

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